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North Carolina State Agencies and Forms


MINIMUM WAGE (Effective 7/24/09)

Minimum Wage $7.25 

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Minimum Cash Wage (Tipped Employee) $2.13

Maximum Tip Credit $5.12


Employees covered by North Carolina's minimum wage law must be paid $7.25 an hour or the federal minimum wage, whichever is higher. All employees are covered except for: employees covered by the federal Fair Labor Standards Act; those employed in an executive, administrative, professional or outside sales capacity; computer systems analysts, computer programmers, software engineers or other similarly skilled workers; agricultural employees; and any person employed in the catching, processing or first sale of seafood.


Unemployment in North Carolina:
Taxable Wage Base (Increased from $22,300 in 2016)
Employee Deduction
Employer 2017 Tax Rates (%)
  0.06 - 5.76
Standard New Employer Rate (% Taxable Wages)   1.0
Voluntary Contribution Permitted
Period Effective   Calendar Year 2017


Wage Withholding: Tables

Supplemental Wage / Bonus Rate: 5.599%


Employee Deduction: None

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